Book Creator iPad App

During a unit on the role of people in their communities, I worked with the kindergarten group to help them use iPads to make a simple electronic booklet. In stages, we successfully introduced simple iPad usage skills and how to the book maker app works. Then we worked together to create a simple booklet to show the student’s understanding of the content from the unit.

For the first stage of this project, I visited each classroom and presented myself to the groups. During this session, I helped the students get started with some simple rules for using the iPads. We set down three basic rules which included hold an iPad with two hands, share nicely with your partner and do not bang or hit the iPad. After introducing the rules, we gave the students a chance to play with the iPads and practice.


During the second stage, I introduced an app called Book Creator. This app is very easy to use, intuitive and great for students as young as kindergarten. This introductory lesson was basically a time for the students to play and discover. Having set up a new book on every iPad, it was very easy for them to just get started and discover how to add text, pictures, videos and drawings. The teacher walked around as support while I introduced new features to each student individually while they were working.


The third stage was all about the students using the app to display their understanding of what they learned in the unit. With simple instructions about what to include in their books, the students went off themselves and took pictures, added text and added drawings. Not only did they have fun creating their books, they have a physical book to show their understanding. In all, it was very successful. The Book Creator app can now be used during other units as an option for the students to show their understanding.



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